A New Appreciation for Cosmic Education: Part 2

This blog continues our series on Cosmic Education. To read part 1, please click here.

As much as modern civilization has branched out with internet and satellite communications, we are still lacking in our realization of the Unity of All Beings. We are slowly becoming more aware of it, but only once a critical point has been reached where we are threatened by the destruction or loss of something in our environment do we realize the connection. Thomas Berry makes a bittersweet point in his article “The Evolutionary Story: The Human Role,” saying “We know more about the universe than any people have ever known. We have more command over the functioning of the Earth than any people have ever had. Yet we are less intimate with the universe than peoples of prior times.” Until we, and our children, recognize we are part of 14 billion years of development and that we are not functioning in a vacuum we will continue down the path of self-destruction by proxy. In studying Cosmic Education, I realize Montessori Guides have the perfect resource for aiding in this recognition of Unity.

Cosmic Education begins with the revelation that we are made of the stuff of stars, and therefore connected to every person, every animal, plant and rock on this planet. Is this too much for an Elementary age child to absorb? I believe he is ready—the Elementary age child is in the throes of self-discovery, asking the big questions of “Who am I?” and “Where did I come from?” What better way to answer the child than to show him his true roots—the Universe itself. By inspiring in the child the awe and respect due the Universe around him, and showing him his connection to the rest of the Universe we greatly improve the chances of the child becoming an advocate for peace.

Please check back next week as we continue our discussion of the importance of cosmic education.