A New Appreciation for Cosmic Education: Part 4

This blog concludes our series on Cosmic Education.

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We are finally brought to the heart of Cosmic Education—the Cosmic Task of all Organisms and the Cosmic Task of Humanity. In helping the child realize that he is not separate from the world, that he is a product of Evolution still in process, and that he is dependent on nature just as it is dependent on him, we have brought the child to a level of enlightenment not generally recognized in society today. By virtue of Montessori education “[the] child can experience in nature that there is something eternal, present everywhere and always, which seems to have organized the whole universe in such a way that everything in it merely by existing, is of service to the whole.” By showing the child that everything in nature has a Cosmic Task and that he is part of nature, Cosmic Education is our hope for the child to find his Cosmic Task. I must believe that we are all here on this Earth for a purpose greater than production and consumption, and while the idea of finding a Cosmic Task is daunting to an adult, a child would easily accept the challenge. They are unhindered by self-doubt, and are open to learning more about themselves and the Universe. By starting in the Early Childhood and Elementary classrooms allowing children to learn to make good choices we are setting children on the path to self-perfection. By making them a part of a community, with responsibilities to each other and the environment, we are guiding them to the higher demands of creating unity in humanity and recognizing the Earth as a living organism.

In studying the Guide’s part of introducing and encouraging study of Cosmic Education, I have discovered gaps in my own reverence for the Universe. Being reminded of the billions of years that went into the formation of life as we know it, and again made aware of the fragile balance necessary to maintain that life, resuscitated the awe I felt for the Earth and the Universe as an Elementary student. It is so easy to be pulled into the artificial needs and concerns of modern society I am saddened by the lack of emphasis of Cosmic Education in so many educational institutes. I find reassurance that in becoming a Montessori Guide, I will help the child “[by] participating in this searching and discovery, and by becoming partners in the Cosmic Plan.” I believe that this is the beginning of my own Cosmic Task.