A New Start

So often spring is associated with new beginnings, but for teachers and students fall is a time for “starting over” as well.  As your student sets out for a new school year, a new level of academics, and new opportunities in and out of the classroom here are some ways you can support him or her:

*Give your family extra time to adjust to the new school year.  Trying to find your new routine with homework, sports practices, and acclimating to the early wake up times can be challenging.  Allow for this by scheduling the minimum amount of extra activities and planning for time at home together.

*Meal Plan for Breakfast and Dinner.  Getting everyone out of the house in the morning and settled in the evening can be made much easier if the question of what you’ll be eating is already solved.  In a previous blog I addressed breakfast for on the go families, but dinner is just as important.  Even if you can’t all sit down together every night you can make sure everyone has a good dinner before homework or sports.  There are hundreds of slow cooker and freezer meal cookbooks available, and even something as simple as grilling several chicken breasts over the weekend and keeping them in the refrigerator to put on pasta or a salad can save time and energy.

*Stay in Communication with Your Child.  When the school year starts up again and parents and children are busy all day it can be hard to stay connected.  Make sure to take a few minutes—in the car, waiting for practice or lessons, or right before bed, to check in with your student.  Asking a few direct questions like “What were three good things that happened today?” or “What was the most challenging thing you did today?” can keep the conversation flowing and keep you attached to your child.

Happy Beginning of School, and we’re looking forward to a great year!