Acts of Service and the Montessori Spirit

In Early Childhood the most empowering thing a guide can do is to help a child help himself. As the student progresses to the Elementary level, a new stage of capability is realized—the child can help others. At Compass Star Montessori we are embracing the holiday season by committing to acts of service for every week in December. Our students have chosen people and organizations dear to their hearts and are enthusiastically using their gifts to make the winter holidays a little brighter for those around them.

Our first act of service used one of the skills the students at Compass Star Montessori have developed in their practical life work. The children have had lots of experience cooking through their kitchen lessons and their annual Thanksgiving dinner. To assist two of our Compass Star Montessori community families that have special needs this winter, our students prepared meals that can quickly be reheated on busy evenings. The students picked two favorite recipes—Tater Tot Hamburger Casserole and Chicken Tortilla soup, and made enough for the families to have at least two meals of each. The students did such a wonderful job considering what the families would like to eat, participating in the cooking, and packaging up the meals for easy delivery.

Our second act of service was for an organization that is a class favorite—the Wichita Humane Society. After talking with a parent who has fostered dogs from the Humane Society, the children came up with the idea of making fleece toys for the puppies and kittens that are being housed at the shelter or being fostered with families. They diligently worked at making the braids and knots out of fleece scraps from our sewing works and we made over 90 toys total.

As the students consider what their final act of service should be for December, I am most impressed by how much they want to reach out to other children in our community and their awareness of their own good fortune. I hope as they continue their journey in Montessori and out into our community they all maintain their giving spirits.