Can You Say Peace?

As I watch our students enthusiastically work on projects and gifts geared toward the holiday season my mind drifts toward the families in Connecticut that will not be celebrating this year. Here at CSM our hearts and thoughts go out to those families. Dr. Maria Montessori’s lessons on peace education ring true, as she says:

“Humanity has fallen into such a state of barbarism and spiritual disorganization that the individual has become nothing more than a tiny grain of sand in an arid desert. Each individual remains unaware of the true face of his own time and has no idea of the dangers that lie concealed within it until he becomes a helpless victim of events.

Given such a state of affairs, there can be no progress nor any hope for peace until swift and forceful action is taken and directed toward mankind itself.

Directing our action toward mankind means, first and foremost, doing so with regard to the child.” (Montessori Education and Peace 67)

So I encourage you to help your child focus on peace this holiday season. Recognize the good in others and the good in the world. Bring to your child’s attention all of the moments where he has shared peace with others and praise him for being an ambassador of peace.

We wish you a very happy holiday season, and most of all, we wish you peace.