Celebrating Thanksgiving at CSM

At Compass Star Montessori we have much to be thankful for. Our beautiful building, our teachers and support staff, our families, and so much more. One of the ways we prepared the elementary class for Thanksgiving this year was allowing the students to design and fill a Gratitude Tree in the front window. The students used cardstock paper to form the trunk and bare branches of the tree (complete with an owl hiding in the knothole—thanks Miss O!), and as the week of Thanksgiving approached the students would select a leaf to cut out, write what they are thankful for, and place it on the tree. We had some wonderful leaves, including thanks for siblings, friends, and school!

Another tradition we have continued is the preparation of a Thanksgiving feast the day before break begins. This year we teamed up with the early childhood class and really enjoyed their company and their enthusiastic help in the cooking!

This year’s menu included a sweet potato casserole made by our upper el girls and the youngest friends in the EC class, a spoon cornbread made by our first years and the oldest EC friends (who were happy to be working together again), and a green bean casserole made by our second years and some of our middle EC friends. Also included were a pumpkin tart made by our second year and young EC gentlemen, and a cranberry apple relish made with much patience by one of our third years and another young friend from EC. Thank you to all of the parents who contributed, and to all of our “chefs”!

As you can imagine it was a very busy kitchen, and everyone worked beautifully to keep their stations neat and the work evenly shared. We appreciate the EC giving us the opportunity to celebrate with them, and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!