The classroom at Compass Star Montessori is unique in its design, indoors and out. A large open area provides space for group lessons and working with materials on the floor. Low tables, tables with chairs, and traditional desks are also available to students for completing their work. The materials themselves allow students to work independently of the Guide by providing a concrete display of abstract concepts, and giving the students the ability to check their own work before consulting a Guide or older student.

The interior gardens allow students a place to work out-of-doors, spreading out large materials or participating in lessons where real examples of living things are required. Students also use the interior gardens to participate in the Garden-to-Table project which will provide supplementary produce to the student’s snacks and meals. By giving the students freedom to move about or out of the classroom, Compass Star Montessori meets a fundamental need of the Elementary age child.

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“The children are learning without even realizing it and they have a strong sense of accomplishing things at CSM. It’s not a play time to them and they appreciate that.”

~ Kim E., CSM Parent


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