What makes Compass Star Montessori unique?

We call ourselves Guides, not teachers. Our ultimate goal is leading the child to his own self-discovery. Our classrooms are highly interactive. We are either interacting with or supervising our students at all times. Our emphasis is on quality, not quantity. We have fewer Guides in the classroom, and are dedicated to a more personal academic experience for students.

When was Compass Star Montessori founded?

Kathryn Mahoney founded Compass Star Montessori in 2009, inspired by her own children as well as her own experience at Little Flower Montessori in South Bend, Indiana. When it was time for her daughter to go to preschool, Kathryn and her husband, Brandon, sought out a Montessori program that would meet their needs and found Inspiration Station. Both children attended Inspiration Station and enjoyed their time there tremendously. After looking into Elementary Montessori programs, and being unsatisfied with her choices, Kathryn was inspired to create a new academic option for parents and students. Compass Star Montessori was created out of Kathryn’s passion for the authentic Montessori Method and her belief that a credentialed program should be available to area families.The school building was completed in 2009 and includes surrounding green spaces that serve as an extension of the classroom.

Who was Maria Montessori?

Dr. Maria Montessori was the first female physician in Italy.  She developed the Montessori Method of education after studying the scientific works of Seguin and applying them to her first classroom, the Casa De Bambini. By observing the children she further developed theories on Elementary and Secondary education, and, with her son Mario, created her Cosmic Education curriculum, emphasizing peace and respect for all of humanity.

What philosophy guides the Montessori Method?

Dr. Montessori believed that by observing and following a child’s needs a Guide could provide the best education. The class environment must be prepared to meet the child’s needs, including an emphasis on respect. Each Montessori classroom holds above all the belief that we must Respect Ourselves, Respect Others, and Respect the Environment.

How old must a child be to attend Compass Star Montessori School?

The Montessori Elementary program is designed for children ages six to twelve years old. These age limits do not, however, restrict the level of work a child is encouraged to pursue. Students are always able to work to their highest potential, even if the scope reaches beyond material traditionally presented in the Elementary classroom.

Why does Compass Star encourage such a high level of parental involvement?

We believe that strong communication between parents and the Guides is vital for a child to reach their potential in the classroom. By encouraging parent participation, through assisting in the classroom, volunteering at events, and joining the class on field trips, we give parents the opportunity to see the social dynamic and academic environment in which their child spends over six hours a day. Even if parents are only able to participate once or twice they will have a better understanding of Montessori and their child’s class when reviewing the parent communications sent home.

How do multi-age classrooms help Montessori students develop social skills?

Elementary students are at a stage where social interaction is very important, and Compass Star Elementary recognizes that need. By placing students in classes with a broad spectrum of ages, children are given the opportunity to participate in groups, become leaders, and learn from older students. By being part of different social dynamics the child is prepared for real-life situations, where they are expected to interact with people from a wide age, social, and academic range.

How many students are there in the class?

To maintain an environment which offers the maximum amount of individual attention, we keep our class size small. We currently have a cap of 15 students, ranging from the Lower Elementary to the Upper Elementary.

How do I apply?

All applicants to the Compass Star Montessori Elementary program must complete the following steps:

  1. The Application Form. Applications should be completed and submitted as soon as possible to our Admissions Office. Applications received after mid-May will be considered as new openings become available. Download Application Form.
  2. Introduction/School Tour. Parents are encouraged to attend an open house to learn more about compass Star Montessori. You may also schedule a personal tour. Please call Kathryn Mahoney at 316-213-2253 to schedule a personal tour or email Kathryn@csmontessoriwichita.com.
  3. Student Visit: Interview & Evaluation. Once the application has been processed and the school tour is complete, the Admissions Office will contact you, the parent, for the applicant’s school visit and interview. During the visit, the student will complete an admissions assessment. Additional school visits may be requested of any candidate by the Admissions Office.
  4. Parent Meeting. The Admissions Office will contact you to schedule a 30-minute parent meeting with the Admissions Officers. Please note that the Parent Meeting cannot be scheduled until the candidate’s school interview and visit(s) have been completed.
  5. School Reports & Testing. Parents must sign the authorization form for the release of school reports and records from the candidate’s current school and the current school will mail all information directly to the Admissions Office. Please make sure all school records are submitted to the Admissions Office by the time of the Parent meeting.

How much is tuition per year?

Tuition for the Fall school year is $5,850.  This may be broken down into monthly payments of $650 for the nine month school year. Families who make referrals that lead to enrollments receive a $100 discount on one month of their tuition.

When is your tuition due?

Parents are asked to have tuition to the office by the first Friday of every month, unless other arrangements have been made with the administration.

How many different options for payment of tuition do you have?

Tuition may be paid in full, quarterly or monthly.

When does class start?

The morning work cycle starts at 8:00 am. In order for a child to benefit from the full three-hour morning work cycle, it is important to have your child to school on time.

What are the school’s hours of operation?

Compass Star Montessori is open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm for class time. Parents are asked to please call for an appointment outside of these hours if they need to meet with the Guides. Visits and tours for interested families are scheduled by appointment only.

How can I donate and/or support your school?

Cash or check donations are always welcome, as are gift certificates to Bruins Montessori, Montessori Outlet, or Nienhuis Montessori.