Hands Down For Health

There have been many worrisome statistics in the news lately about flu and other illnesses spreading faster than usual, and with more severe symptoms.  So, at Compass Star Montessori we practice the “Hands Down for Health” policy and encourage our families to adopt the practice at home as well.

But what is “Hands Down for Health”?

Simple. During the school day we ask our students to keep hands off their faces, and request that they wash their hands when we observe them touching eyes, noses, or mouths. We discuss how germs spread in our classroom, and how touching their faces makes them more vulnerable to illness. We also teach good hand washing skills, and increase students’ health awareness.

We find that these strategies are universally helpful, as they are effective measures towards reducing the number of sick days your student takes and ultimately reducing how many days off of work parents’ must take during the school year.

How to practice “Hands Down for Health” outside of school.

When out and about, encourage your student to keep hands away from their face, especially after touching shared items (library computers, grocery carts, or playground equipment).

Encourage your child to wash their hands as soon as they return from an outing, before they eat, and after managing self-care like blowing their nose or using the restroom.

Set an example of these practices by getting in the habit yourself. You will be more likely to remind your child, if you are doing it too and this will establish the healthy habits more quickly.

~ Kathryn

A friendly reminder: If your child does become ill, please remember that they may not attend school with a fever or other contagious symptoms.