A Welcome From Kathryn


These are the traits that we work to instill in Compass Star Montessori students. I would like to congratulate you for exploring a method of education that may be the key to your child’s greatest potential. Though Maria Montessori first began developing her philosophy in 1897, I believe that Montessori education is more relevant today than ever.

What makes your child unique and special? How can you help your child develop as an individual? How can you help him or her discover his place in the world? These questions are fundamental to the curriculum the Compass Star Montessori classroom where students learn to work independently, with the supervision of a Guide, and in concert with other students of all ages. We offer students innovative and interactive tools for learning Math, Language and Science. These core subjects provide the basis through which to explore each student’s cultural heritage. This is the essence of what we call Cosmic Education, a term coined by Maria Montessori from the Greek word for order and harmony. For some children, Cosmic Education is the ideal way to prepare them for their future.

As you consider what Compass Star Montessori may offer your child, you will have questions. Some may be addressed within my blog which is organized by topic on this page. I would also encourage you to read our FAQ. At Compass Star Montessori, I have created an environment designed to harness the intelligence and imagination of students. It was a labor of love inspired by the aspirations I had for my own children, and now I present it to you for your consideration. As you review other Montessori offerings for your children, I encourage you to inquire about the certifications and authenticity of curriculum.

Thank you for your interest in Compass Star Montessori.

Kathryn Mahoney