Montessori Inspired Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner and this is a great opportunity to organize and prepare your home for your child’s next stage of growth. By creating a living space where children can see the materials, access them with ease, and put them away encourages a strong sense of accomplishment and independence. Children seek order and harmony, and by eliminating clutter this allows the child to also organize his thinking. Spring cleaning is also a great time to encourage practical life skills for your child.

Here are some spring cleaning strategies you might consider:

  • Put away winter apparel, donating any items your child has outgrown. It is also a great opportunity to get rid of any toys that are no longer used.
  • Discard or repair any items that are broken or have missing parts.
  • Categorize toys by type, each deserving a specific place, ensuring that your child can put every toy away independently. Open shelving is best when organizing your child’s possessions.
  • Limit the amount of toys available to a small collection of consciously selected items, and rotate the stock occasionally. This is an excellent way to keep your child engaged, avoid overstimulation, and encourage creative play.
  • Help foster your child’s independence and practical life skills by assigning them with specific cleaning tasks, such as dusting or window washing.

Remember to keep your child involved in the entire spring cleaning process, so they can foster their independence and be able to take care of their belongings on their own. By creating a space that is manageable to maintain, not only will it be easier to clean up, it will also be much more enjoyable!

~ Kathryn