Summer Activities from a Montessori Mom

All of us have seen the commercials for tutoring programs that promise to prevent “summer brain drain.”  How can we keep our children stimulated without paying high fees and make sure they still enjoy the tradition of summer break?

The first and best resource to look to is your public library.  Most libraries have summer reading programs to encourage students to keep up on their reading, if not finish the summer reading list.  The librarians are thrilled to help your child find new and interesting books, and elementary children are at the stage where encouragement from an adult other than mom or dad is welcome.


Have you checked out the Wichita Art Museum’s free programs for kids?  Often they host programs year round, and summer is a great time to take advantage.  Even if your child does not become a fan of Monet in one afternoon they will benefit from the educational portions of the programs, and most include a creative project to enjoy.

Finally, don’t forget about memberships your family already has to local attractions.  The zoo, the museum, and gardens all offer programs during the summer and often discount them for members.  Even if you don’t participate in an organized activity, it can be great fun to rediscover these places with your child and learn something along the way.