Summer Camp!

Summer is a great opportunity for children to experience new things and meet new friends. There are so many options for day camps, church camps, and sleep away camps that it can be hard to choose. Some things to consider when looking at a camp for your child:

Are they secure being in a new environment? If your child has anxiety about being in a new place with new adults, maybe a camp connected with your church or school would be the best option.

Does your child want to learn or practice a particular skill or sport? There are lots of camps that offer basic sport skills or specialty camps for developing skills in experienced participants.

Will this camp overschedule your child? Summer is also a good time to relax the “rat race” our children sometime participate in between school, sports, and homework. If your child is running between camps and does not have downtime they might not enjoy it as much.

Whatever your summer plans we hope they are fun and enriching for you and your child!