The Great Mail Race

Even though our children are surrounded by technology, live-stream media and instant communication, there is still something special about getting a letter in the mail. So when our class was invited to join The Great American Mail Race by a Montessori school in Texas, the students were very excited to participate. The concept is simple:

  • First, write a letter that provides the reader with information about you, your class and school, and your town and state.
  • Then mail your letter to schools in the 49 other states with a survey for them to complete and return to you.
  • The project reinforces letter writing skills, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, as well as map skills that keeps kids interested!

As you receive surveys back share information with the class about students across the U.S. and mark off states that you hear back from. Our upper elementary students drafted the letter and the whole class participated in addressing and stuffing envelopes.

Now, all we have to do is wait…