Time For Some R&R

For many teachers, myself included, the start of summer marks the beginning of a race to get things done that cannot be accomplished during the school year.  Some examples include doctor/dentist/optometrist visits, home repairs that require 2+ hour waiting windows, and home improvement projects that require more than an hour.

We must also remind ourselves, though, that for students and teachers summer is a time to rest, recharge, and grow.  Some camps and activities are wonderful, but if we are scheduled for every moment of every day summer can seem just as frenzied as the school year.  Planning for “down time” can keep the pace of summer a little slower and help you enjoy this extra time with your family.

Some fun things to include are—

Library visits with time afterwards to lay around and read the books you picked out.

Fishing or hiking in a nature park or preserve—especially with grandparents if you have them close by!

Star gazing or camping trips outside of the city.

Making s’mores over a camp fire or grill (my favorite summer cooking activity)!

The teachers and staff at Compass Star Montessori wish you a very happy—and relaxing, summer!