When They Don’t Wear a Uniform

At CSM we recognize that elementary children are developing a sense of self, and want to express this through their choices in clothing and accessories. That said, there is a reason so many moms love school uniforms. So how do you let your child get dressed by him or herself and get to school on time? At our house we manage it with a little compromise and a little extra planning.

1. Layer Up

Making sure my children are dressed appropriately for the weather is my top priority in the morning. So if my daughter wants to wear a dress or skirt on questionable temperature days I help her pair it with leggings and tights. My son’s personal “uniform” of jeans and a tee shirt is always supplemented with a sweatshirt, jacket, or vest. By making sure they have an extra layer on I can rest assured they won’t end up freezing or sweating on the playground.

2. Let it Go

There are few things I won’t let my children wear to school. Now that they are in elementary they don’t try to walk out the door wearing capes or costumes, so if a color or pattern selection is not what I would have chosen I don’t comment. My rules are “clean, correct size, and good repair” and by reviewing my children’s closets with them on a regular basis I can rest assured that their clothes will meet those standards.

3. Plan for a Week

We’ve tried to lay out clothes on a nightly basis, and sometimes our evenings are just too busy to get that done. Instead, we look at the weather report on Saturday or Sunday and fill up the clothes holder (a hanging canvas organizer) for the week. This also prevents a late night or early morning load of laundry when your child informs you that he or she is out of socks or jeans.

By making sure your child has the means to independently get dressed in the morning you are boosting their confidence and reducing your own stress level during the morning rush.